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The Return of the High Street

The Return of the High Street

While there is no doubting the impact that online shopping has had to the world of fashion, it is interesting to see people are turning back to the high street with figures showing an increase in profits.

Online shopping has been a complete revolution and allowed us to find everything we could need from the comfort of our own homes. We can find specific garments and compare prices which would take hours but we are missing something.

People looking to try something on and feel the material have missed out by online shopping. Of course you can get next day shipping and larger online retailers offer a free returns policy but we are seeing more people combining their online shopping with retail shopping which can only be a good thing.

Most shops, even smaller independents, tend to have an online presence now. With social media playing such a huge part of any business having the ability to sell online can provide that extra income boost that make all the difference. Platforms like shopify make it simple for retailers to list their products while setting up eBay of Amazon shops also carry the benefit of having a lot of people already searching on those sites.

As people start to realise the benefit of combining physical shopping with online shopping we are reaching more of an equilibrium that will be beneficial to high street business and fashion retailers but to have any chance of surviving the tough economic times across Europe an online presence is essential.

We aren’t likely to see a total reversal of online shopping to high street shopping, for many the convenience and option of searching out the best deals is to good an opportunity to miss but we will see  a middle ground that will benefit all parties soon.

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