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Vintage Fashion Trends

Vintage Fashion Trends

There was a time that the idea of second hand clothing would have fashionistas turning their noses up. It would seem times have changed.

As we look to the past for inspiration for the future more people are embracing used clothing and as it is now more commonly called ‘Vintage’ rather than second hand it seems to have changed its whole reputation.

If people want to find one off pieces then vintage clothing is ideal for that. It gives you something that you are unlikely to see on the street and it also has the kudos of being rare.

Reusing clothing is also quite big on the ethical scene with so many big brands and designers taking advantage of cheap labour, finding something like this is akin to recycling and for this reason is on the up.

Many people are starting to see the value in older clothing and it doesn’t have to be from 50 years ago either. There is a huge market at the moment for sportswear from the 1990’s. The market is also growing for vintage replica football jerseys as people look to relive their youth with their teams colours.

Online auction sites like eBay are great places to try and find a a bargain while the likes of Etsy and  ASOS both have vintage sections that allow its users to set up their own stores. People with a good eye can search charity shops, jumble sales and car boot sales for bargains and turn a nice profit by setting up their own shops on these platforms.

Vintage clothing markets are also quite commonplace with many moving about the major cities offering things like kilo sales where people can pay a set amount based on weight rather than the individual cost of each garment. As well as being a great way to stock up on loads of bargains it is a big business for companies that seek to turn over vast quantities of clothing in a short period of time.

As people get wise to the true value of certain items it is getting more and more difficult to find a bargain, but don’t worry, there are still some out there.


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